Turning Japanese?



This is my first Saturday in my new house. I reorganized the kitchen to maximize space and efficiancy and maintain an aesthetic atmosphere. It's lovely, I have to admit.
I'm such a little woman today! I got up and cooked my big man breakfast and kissed him goodbye. Then I washed all the dishes (I keep forgetting we have a dishwasher) and treated myself to a cheesy Lifetime Original Movie. I'm relaxing in a big pink fluffy robe with matching slippers and a towel on my head. This is so classy.
My friend Susan got me hooked on Harry Potter. She bought me the first 2 books because I refused to buy them for myself, thinking I'd hate them. So we struck a deal: she bought the first 2 books, and if I didn't like them I could keep them free of charge. If I did like them, I have to buy her dinner. She won. We went to dinner and then to Barnes & Noble and pre-ordered the sixth book. I also purchased the next 3 books in the series. I'm obsessed! I've entered this fantastic world of magic and fantasy and I love it. I've been such a snob about the whole Harry Potter frezy, I didn't realize I was robbing myself of a magical journey. Susan: 1. Laine: 0.
So now I'm desperately trying to learn how to design again, because I'd like to make a Harry Potter themed layout. It's difficult because we don't have any decent photo-editing software installed yet. I just might have to borrow one. That feels like cheating.
But for now, my cat is hungry and needs to be fed.