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Granny's Wedding

I've been playing around for the past few days, and I basically remember how to make layouts! Of course, since d-land is pretty much out of commission at the moment, I am unable to upload images and all that jazz.
But anyway...
My granny joined a class called "How to Write Your Life Story." She decided that 80 years on the planet is something to write about. She keeps telling me she had a boring life, and that she mostly wants to write her story just for herself and the family, but I get the feeling she knows better. She told me some of the events in her life she wants to write about, and she's not boring at all!
So raise your glasses and toast to the story of my grandmother's wedding, as she told it to me.

I was working near Evansville, IN in a factory. It was during WWII, of course, so all the boys were gone and the girls were left here to run the factories. Your grandpa was stationed in Georgia, and he was on furlough one weekend in October and he came to see me. When he got to my house, we just decided we'd get married that weekend. I already had an engagement ring, but we hadn't set a date. I was only 17, so we had to have my daddy sign a consent form. You should have seen your grandpa that day. Shakin' like a leaf, scared to death to ask my daddy to let him marry me. But he signed, and we went the factory I worked at and collected my pay. Then we went to the room I was staying in and picked up my clothes and hit the road. We drove through Indiana and stopped in a little town at a preacher's house. I can't remember how we even knew a preacher lived there. We knocked on the door and told the preacher we wanted to get married. We didn't even have witnesses with us, so his wife and daughter stood in. His daughter was washing her hair and came into the living room with suds and shampoo all over her head, her dress wet and all a mess. His wife was cooking dinner and had flour up to her elbows and an old apron. And that's how we got married.