Turning Japanese?


I'm Shackin' Up

So I'm back at D-land. I went without television and internet for a year, and now I'm back in action. New cable modem, spankin' new computer, and a super-cute iPod mini. It's pink! I need a fresh new layout, and I've forgotten how to do it. I'll have to teach myself again. Anywyay, here's what's new with me:

Moving is such drama. If only I had some Harry Potter magic... I'd just wave my little wand and --poof!-- everything would be done. As it stands, though, I currently have no magical abilities and I have to pack all my belongings and then unpack them by hand.
Despite all the mess, I love the new place. David and I have spent 2 nights here, and I'm sleeping well. I miss my little cubbyhole apartment with tall windows and the park outside my front door. I'll miss being able to walk to the knitting store and the coffeeshop. David and I are together, though, and he's better than a great location. We have a house and it's all ours. No more driving back and forth at all hours, no more asshole roommates to contend with, no more overnight bags. We officially live together, all shacked up and unmarried. Our lives have merged.
I just brought my cat, which was a disasterous trip. The only carrier I have is the one he came home from the Humane Society in, and he's outgrown it a bit. I thought we'd be fine for a short drive, but the flimsy cardboard carrier was no match for Bad Kitty Dante. He busted out and tore around my car. People were staring, he tried to jump out the window, my coffee spilled, and then he threw up. Apparently he gets carsick. We finally made it to our new home, and hopefully he'll adjust quickly. He's got so much more space to play here. Not like our little apartment, where he only had 3 rooms. David won't allow him in the computer/xbox room. Something about cat hair messing things up. I've agreed to abide by his wishes. A little grudgingly, though.
Oh, yeah, and we got cable yesterday. The cable guy drilled a hole in our ceiling. Oops. Looks like we get free cable for a few months.
Boxes are calling me, begging to be unpacked. Sigh.