Turning Japanese?


Living with a Boy

So I live with a boy now. What's it like?
It's kind of like living with Monica Gellar. He's exceptionally neat and tidy and nothing can ever be out of its proper place. He follows me around, picking up things, regardless of whether or not I'm still using the thing in question. For instance, this morning I was sitting on the couch reading, and he came along and took my slippers to the bedroom. I was still using them; I only took them off while I was reading, because my feet were under the blanket. If I get up to go to the bathroom while watching TV, he'll turn the TV off and I have to turn it right back on when I return. It makes me completely insane.
Other times it seems completely normal, as if we've lived together our whole lives. It's so great coming home to someone, rather than an empty apartment. We cook dinner together and clean up the kitchen together. We sit at the table like regular people. I feel like my parents.
The most frustrating thing about living with him is his Halo addiction. Every single day, He must play Halo. As soon as we get finished eating dinner, he'll say something like, "I've had a really rough day, so now I'm going to treat myself and play some Halo." As if he doesn't play it everyday. As if it's something different. Sometimes I think he feels guilty about it, so he tries to make it seem like I'm busy so I won't mind if he plays. He'll say, "Don't you want to take a nice long bath and relax?" or "You look sleepy; do you want me to tuck you in?" It's like he needs me to be occupied with something so he can play. And he plays every single day. After he gets done, he'll try to be all cuddly and sweet and suggest we watch a movie or something, knowing that when I work I have to be in bed by 10 or so. Or even worse, he'll go in his room to play, come right back out and tell me no one he wants to play with is online so he can hang out with me instead. Right, like I really want to hang out with him if I'm his second choice? It just makes me even more annoyed. So then he decided he'd only play after I went to bed, which was even worse. First of all, he'll try to get me in bed at 8pm, like I don't know what he's up to. He'll casually mention 500 times about all the messages he's getting from the guys, asking him to get online and play. Finally, I'll go to bed and he jumps online to play. So I get to hear gunshots and him screaming while I try to go to sleep. What it all really boils down to is that I hate Halo and it pisses me off that he'd really rather play a fucking video game than hang out with me. Oh and next weekend, some guys from Canada that he plays with are coming to town and they're all going to come over! Won't that be exciting for me?
Aside from the Halo drama, we don't fight at all. We've argued about Halo almost every day since we moved in together, but I finally gave it up. I just can't argue about it any more, and if he likes a video game more than he likes me, what can I do about it anyway? The less I say about it, the better things are.
Living with a boy isn't so bad.